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TEAM designs and fabricates cable stands for use in mining and other industries.  These units are designed and built for the purpose of connecting and protecting trailing cables.  We look after the design, supply, manufacture, protective treatment, installation of cable stands as well as the testing and commissioning off site.

Cable Couplers are an electrical accessory and damage prevention is a safety issue at site. Coupler's are significant investment and therefore it is important to prevent damage to them, especially when working in the hard environment such as mining.


TEAM manufactures various skids to elevate couplers to:

  • make them more visible thus preventing damage of coupler-machine collision,

  • elevate them from the typically muddy, wet, snowy environment, thus preventing damage/corrosion from moisture

  • skids make coupler assemblies more easily maneuverable/relocatable around site


All TEAM Skids are painted for maximum durability. Typically, safety yellow is used for increased visibility but other colours are available upon request. Hi-Viz stickers and markers are also available upon request. 

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