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We know that our success, and the success of our projects, is based on our people.


We are committed to the development of motivated, competent people and through them the achievement of excellence. 

Our values and standards acknowledge where we have come from as well as where we are going and unite us as one team to be successful together.

Our Code of Conduct helps guide our behaviours and actions. We must concentrate not only on achieving results but also on how we get things done.


“Safety begins and ends with every TEAM employee and sub-contractor”

We value:

  • never compromising safety for the sake of expediency our goal is zero harm

  • personally taking responsibility for safety - from the top down

  • always being conscious of safety of everyone on our work sites regardless of whether they are employees, contractors or visitors

We do not value:

  • paying “lip service” to safety

  • ignoring the rules and procedures

  • playing the blame game


"Our client's success depends on our ability to innovate and continuously improve"

We value:

  • creativity and constantly looking for ways to improve

  • being capable and resourceful in response to meeting our customers’ needs

  • embracing change

We do not value:

  • criticism of new ideas

  • complaining without putting forward an alternative

  • people who do not consider alternatives and say “this is the way it has always been done"

Client Service

“Our clients provide our life blood. Every client must always receive excellent quality services and our best efforts to exceed their expectations”

We value:

  • having a sense of urgency and attention to detail

  • only making promises that we can keep and always deliver on time, within budget

  • building relationships based on trust and competence - we are “quiet achievers”

We do not value:

  • not treating our customers with respect

  • reworking, waste and inefficiency

  • negative publicity


“Integrity is at our core and central to our every action and decision. Through demonstrating the highest standards of ethical conduct, we earn the trust of our clients, co-workers, regulators, communities, suppliers and shareholders”

We value:

  • openness, honesty and trustworthiness

  • professionalism in our dealings with others and always doing what we say we will do

  • always acting lawfully and ethically

We do not value:

  • unethical behaviour

  • turning a blind eye to inappropriate behaviour

  • people undermining morale


“To accomplish our mission and strategic priorities, we must work with pride, enthusiasm, determination and urgency; and put the success of the team above self”

We value:

  • respecting each other and knowing that we can trust and rely on each other

  • communicating openly and providing honest, constructive feedback

  • being “people-people” and enjoying our relationships with workmates and customers

We do not value:

  • people pursuing their own agendas

  • lack of co-operation across teams and work groups

  • individuality and power play

  • people who say “it’s not my job” or “it’s not my problem”

  • backstabbing and gossiping

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