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Our commitment to continuous quality improvement touches every aspect of our products, services, and customer support.

Our own internal quality system has been developed from years of experience in delivering and servicing the construction, mining and port industries. TEAM also maintains an ISO:9001 Quality Certification. 


Our clients can rely on:

  • well maintained plant and equipment

  • consistent level of high quality service

  • regular communication

  • comprehensive maintenance plans

At TEAM we are committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations in all that we do. This commitment is enabled and supported by practices and processes embedded in all our projects.  


We recognise that there is always room to improve. Our Quality Management System is designed to continuously find new ways to enhance project outcomes. It documents best practices and empowers our employees to achieve exceptional results. We welcome feedback to find new ways to do things better.

TEAM's Quality Policy


Safety is one of our core values and we make sure it’s integral to way we do business. The safety of our employees, visitors, clients and contractors is considered first in everything we do. 

That’s why we place health and safety at the centre of our business, delivering greater performance and reputation value for our clients. We continually challenge our people to identify new, innovative strategies for improving health and safety.


Our Health & Safety policy forms the basis for the development and application of our safety systems, behaviors, and standards, both within TEAM and on the projects we manage.


We are AS/NZ 4801 Certified, allowing us to:

  • provide an absolute focus on risk management to eliminate serious injuries and fatalities

  • operate responsibly and ethically, always complying with statutory requirements

  • foster a culture of personal responsibility and accountability for creating and maintaining a workplace that is healthy, safe and efficient.

TEAM'S Health and Safety Policy


The decisions we make today affect the lives of people tomorrow. Sustainability is central to our business strategy. Environmental, social and economic factors are integral to creating and sustaining value and to manage risk.

TEAM is committed to being recognised by our employees, customers and other stakeholders as an industry leader in environmental management across the diverse projects that we deliver. Our people are empowered to care and share responsibility for positive environmental outcomes. 

Our robust Environmental Management System is certified to ISO: 14001. This system enables the proactive identification and management of environmental risks and opportunities to allow us to successfully manage our exposure. Through responsible design, planning, procurement and construction practices, we are able to deliver sustainable solutions.

Continuous monitoring, measurement and improvement then provide the foundation for ensuring positive results.

TEAM's Environment and Sustainability Policy


Informed risk management is fundamental to the conduct of our business. TEAM’s risk management framework ensures that we have the skills, systems, controls and processes in both operational and support functions of our business to clearly identify and manage the risks we are exposed to through our activities.

Our Risk Management Framework is embedded in everything we do. All risks are identified, analysed, controlled and monitored to ensure they are managed in our complex and changing operational environment. 

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