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3D Scanning

Taking your as-is environment and making a digital copy

The engineers at TEAM use Terrestrial and Close-range Photogrammetry and Structure Light Scanning to give your machines and structures a digital life.


Our process uses hand held, tripod or pole mounted camera. We can output drawings, 3D models, measurements, or point clouds depending on your requirements.


TEAM has the capabilities to model and measure buildings, engineering structures, forensic and accident scenes, mines, earth-works, stock-piles, archaeological artifacts, film sets, etc.


When you need extremely accurate models, we recommend our structured light scanners to capture the finest details. Our equipment has a Volumetric Accuracy of 0.05 mm+0.3 mm/m

Finite Element Analysis

We use specialist software to undertake FEA studies. We look for stress, deflection, buckling and fatigue.


The information obtained in these studies is used to optimise the engineering design and the certification phase.

Drafting and Design

Our drafting team specialise in bringing your design concepts to life. We can take your idea from concept drawings to shop ready designs.

Learn more about our drafting and design services...

Engineering Audits

We offer a range of Engineering Audit Services covering multiple disciplines including:

  • Structural Maintenance Audits

  • Mechanical Condition Audits

  • Design Audits/Verification

  • Electrical Audits

  • Hydraulic Audits

We are able to ensure you meet your annual condition audit requirements for structures and equipment as required by the Mining Act.

RPEQ and Design Certification

We manage the certification of critical components in-house with our RPEQ certified engineers. We use FEA software followed by certification by our engineering specialists.

Our certification process can include detailing any required modifications to existing or surrounding equipment.

Fabrication Support

We support our workshop and clients in developing qualified weld procedures. 

We offer:

  • Weld Procedure development by an authorised IWS Engineer

  • Weld repair solutions

  • Crack repair procedure development 

  • Inspect and Test Plan development and verification

Prototyping and Testing

Our well-equipped workshop has a full range of facilities allowing us to prototype products. We specialise in the challenges of working on start-up technologies and will assist with testing and production.

Repair and Recovery Procedures and Plans

Our experienced engineers are able to develop detailed repair and recovery procedures.

We have experience with the recovery of: 

  • draglines

  • bucket wheel reclaimers

  • stacker/reclaimers

  • ship loaders

We have experience with a variety of structures from steel to concrete.

Lift Studies

We are able to prepare quality, accurate and safe single, dual and triple crane lift studies.

Lear more about our Heavy Lifting capability

Certification and Weighing

We can perform inspections and proof load testing of cranes and lifting equipment in accordance with relevant design standards and plant safety regulations.


We can design and and inspect cranes, hoists, sheaves and lifting devices.

We also specialises in the weighing of large machines to determine weight and centre of gravity. Using load cells we have expertise in weighing:

  • draglines

  • bucket wheel excavators

  • stackers/reclaimers

  • ship loaders

Lear more about our Heavy Lifting capability

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Asset Recovery

Using proven process and technology TEAM Group (Aust) has the capability to engineer and certify works. We can manage the entire process or assist with particular aspects, from concept development through to specifications, detailed design, manufacture, installation to final commissioning.

Our Engineers are based in Brisbane and Mackay and can be quickly deployed site, both in Australia and abroad.

We specialise in taking ideas and developing them into functioning and useful products.

We offer a range of Engineering Services covering multiple disciplines:

  • General Engineering - reports, feasibility reviews, design audits and verification

  • Mechanical Engineering - equipment design, finite element analysis, fatigue analysis, stress analysis, vibration analysis and vibration-related problem mitigation solution

  • Structural Engineering

Our specialist skills have been employed on the successful design and improvement of:

  • lifting equipment

  • wash down facilities

  • truck dump stations

  • conveyors

  • monorails

  • industrial workshop facilities

  • slew bearings

  • bulk materials handling: stackers and reclaimers, ship loaders, train loadouts, 

  • cable handling equipment: cable reelers, cable arches, cable boats, braked rope reels, jewellery sleds


Supporting Software

We use a range of supporting software packages to assist our engineers including:​

  • Solidworks

  • Strand7

  • Spacegass

  • Autocad

  • Samsung 360 degree photography and video

Staff Resources

​We have

  • Chartered Professional Engineers

  • Fellow of Engineers Australia

  • RPEQ Engineers

  • WTIA International Welding Specialists

  • Designers

  • Draftspersons

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