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Our team specialise in bringing your design concepts to life. We can take your idea from concept drawings to shop ready designs. Our hands on experience in the mining industry combined with our fabrication capability gives us the ability to design products that are friendly and functional to operators and those responsible for maintenance. Our experience in the industry understands the impact of poor design.

We offer engineering design from small components to large structures, equipment design, plant refurbishment and redesign, reverse engineering, product design and engineering design solutions for existing processes and operations. TEAM develops the best possible engineering solution to meet clients’ needs.

We use SolidWorks for all of our design and drafting requirements. This powerful tool allows us analyse small parts, examine moving parts and detect any clashes before manufacture commences. A free downloadable viewer program allows our clients to review the entire modelling and design process.

After completing 3D models, 2D drawings are developed to our client’s detail requirements. This includes design for manufacture covering fabrication/manufacturing dimensions, tolerances, weld details, surface finishes, material specification and protective coating requirements.

We keep all drawing packages up to date through the design and fabrication process and issuing revisions as changes occur with subsequent design modifications. All changes are managed through our comprehensive Change Management processes. 

TEAM can carry out time and motion studies and define efficient work-flow for production facilities. We can analyse in detail all requirements relating to factory automation and robotics.

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