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Robotics have been utilised in the product manufacturing industry for years but the transition to custom fabrication and repairs has long been considered the holy grail.

At TEAM we are continually searching for innovation in the field of engineering, fabrication and product delivery for our clients.

Our robotics cell is made up of Lincoln Electric welding equipment, a Vizient track positioner and a Fanuc M710iC/12L Robotic Arm.


Our robotic cell allows us to automate MIG/MAG welding of components up to 10 meters long, 3 meters high and 3 meters wide.

The cell consists of 3 welding stations. The end station is used for the manufacture of smaller components as shown in the video while the other two stations are used for larger components.

We utilise offline programming to improve our robotic welding arc time. Offline programming allows us to program parts and design fixtures before the welding actually takes place in the weld cell. This feature offers the ability to remove any mistakes before material is cut for fixtures and can reduce machine downtime for setup. The result is greater up-time and throughput that is consistently high.

For our Duratray Truck Tray fabrication project we have been using our robotic cell to weld out sub-assembly components. The components that we have been able to automate are:

  • Side Reinforcing Beams

  • Side Beam Inserts

  • Front Wall Reinforcements

  • Canopy Rock Guards.

We are currently working with a number of clients to develop robotic repair procedures for underground mining equipment including:

  • Automated Chain Groove repairs in AFC Pan lines

  • Automated Deck replacement for AFC Pan lines

  • Flipper/Roof Support Outer Sprag Extension Repairs and Fabrication for Underground Roof Supports

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