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Member of CICA - The Crane Industry Council of Australia

We specialise in heavy lifting specifications and execution. We are your experts for the installation of large and awkward structures. Our capability can also be utilised for the lifting and stabilisation systems required for disaster recovery.

Our team can undertake lifting planning and certification, including auditing of lift studies. We are experienced with preparing accurate and safe single, dual and triple crane lift studies.  Whether it's verification of crane lift plan prepared by others, to rigging plans studies or full feasibility studies we can help your rigging operations happen safely and efficiently.

Our 3D simulations of lift studies have been helping our field teams and clients improve the safety and efficiency of their lifts. These 3D animations and renderings improve understanding and communication between the whole team and ensure everyone is on the same page before the lift is undertaken improving the health and safety of all involved. 

We also design, manufacture and certify lifting structures and frames. Our lifting structures can be built to order or you can hire any of our lifting structures. Want to learn more about what can be hired or purchased go to our shop.

DBCT L-Frame Lift  Utilizing 80T capacity equalling sheave blocks, TEAM lifted this 155T L-Frame from SR4.

DBCT L-Frame Lift - Utilizing 80T capacity equalling sheave blocks, TEAM lifted this 155T L-Frame from SR4.

In Summary our services are:

  • Heavy Lift Specification

  • Heavy Lift Execution

  • Single, Dual and Triple Crane Lift Studies

  • 3D Modelling and Simulations

  • 3D Animations and Renderings

  • Design, Manufacture and Certification of Lift structures and Frames

  • Installation of Large and Awkward Structures

  • Lifting and Stabilization Systems for Disaster Recovery

Oversize truck loaded

Transportation of stacker and reclaimers for Grosvenor

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