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Cable Reeler
  • Cable Reeler

    TEAM designs and fabricates a Cable Reelers.  These units are designed and built for the purpose of laying and retrieving trailing cables.  We look after the design, supply, manufacture, protective treatment, installation of cable reelers as well as the testing and commissioning off site.

    Reeler basic specifications

    • Capacity: 330m x 130mm diameter Dragline Trailing Cable (25kg per metre)
    • Line Pull: 20kN maximum on the inner wrap (hydraulically limited)
    • Hub Inner Diameter: 2500mm (Drum Radius = 9.6 x Cable Diameter)
    • Reel Outer Diameter: 3600mm
    • Hub Width: 1800mm nominal
    • Reeler Width: 2500mm

    Other features

    • Full width rear snub roller mounted on the reeler pod.
    • The indexer will be driven from the main reel and promote level reeling of the cable on the main drum.
    • The indexer will be complete with side and upper and lower guide rollers. 
    • The indexer will automatically reverse when one wrap of cable has been retrieved.
    • The indexer will be bypassed when laying cable out from the drum.
    • The indexer will allow the cable to be captured and released after the cable connector is located on the drum.

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