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Towable Cable Arch
  • Towable Cable Arch

    Why use a TEAM Cable Arch?

    • Able to be relocated with minimal preparation or dismantlement.

    • The structure can withstand the extensive towing forces that are present during relocation .

    • They are easy to construct, simple and safe to operate.

    • Can be towed in either direction with minimal preparation.

    • Uses solar powered clearance lights 

    • It uses quick release cable couplings allowing for quick setup and removal.

    • Internal dimensions of 14.5m wide by 11m high (enough for a fully loaded ultra dump truck to clear).

    • Include the poly pipe for water.


    In open-cut mining operations, electric shovels and draglines are often used for mineral extraction and overburden removal.  Power is provided from heavy-duty electric cables.  As the equipment moves around the mine, so do the roadways for the heavy haulage vehicles that transport the mined coal or ore from the pit.  This creates an issue where the cables and roadways intersect. There is a need for the cable to be safely routed across the roadway to ensure they are not damaged or power cut to the mining machines.


    Cable Arches are structures used to lift electric cables and other services high enough of the ground so that vehicles can travel underneath without damaging those cables or services. When used with electric shovels they also allow for a second access point to the shovel enabling double-sided loading of trucks which increases productivity.  However as the shovel moves along the working face the arch must be frequently relocated.

    Current methods of moving Cable Towers or Arches can be tedious and the long accepted practice of carrying arches on the canopy of the dump truck is discouraged by equipment manufacturers due to the risk of structural damage to the truck.

    Our patented design allows for efficient and safe towing, without damaging the Arch. The use of folding stabilizer arms prevent the skids of the Arch from trying to close together whilst towing. The arms are stowed along the inside of the skids and swung into place when required.  The arms are reversible in that they can swing to either end of the skids, allowing the Arch to be towed in either direction.

    The result of this redesign is a new style Cable Arch that is stronger, lighter, and with a lower centre of gravity than previous designs.  Our Cable Arch can be moved safely around a mine site by towing with readily available vehicles, saving time and improving the efficiency of vehicle movements around the mine site.

    Our Cable Arch allows the potential for dual sided loading of trucks by the shovel, improving the efficiency and frequency of loading. The utilization of the shovel is improved and the number of trucks in the fleet can be increased as queuing time at the shovel is reduced, which can cause significant improvements in productivity.

    Our client's estimate an extra 350 hours availability of the electric shovel per annum, directly attributable to being able to tow the Arch and also to use the dual sided loading.  The end result is improved productivity and more dollars on their bottom line.

    With a very short cost recovery period, and the ongoing benefits of improved productivity, the business case for the Relocatable Cable Arch is very sound.

    We are able to scale the cable arch to meet specific requirements of our clients. Our Cable Arches have been proven suitable for the Ultra-Class dump trucks.

    Lead time from order to delivery is about 8 weeks.  The Arch is delivered to site in sections and can either be erected by TEAM or we can provide technical personnel to assist for the client in the erection of the Arch.


    Technical Specifications:

    Cable Arch Technical Specifications

    MODEL                                              13098 (as supplied to Peak Downs Mine 2014)

    TOTAL MASS                                     15000 kg

    SIDE SLOPE LIMIT                             8 degrees

    FORWARD / AFT SLOPE LIMIT       12 degrees

    TOW CHAIN CAPACITY                   16T

    CLEARANCE WIDTH                        14.5M

    CLEARANCE HEIGHT                       11M

    MAX TOW SPEED                             5 kph

    MAX WIND SPEED (whilst towing)  100 kph

    CABLE TYPE                                       6.6 kv 120 mm² Type 409.6 (supplied by client)

    CABLE PLUG                                      Ausproof  800A  11Kv

    QUICK FIT CONNECTORS              2 Supplied

    PIPE (Optional)                                  Ø250 PE 80 PN 12.5 Poly Pipe (or as specified )

    PRICE                                                 POA

    ERECTION                                         TEAM can provide on-site erection (optional)

    *** Budget price displayed


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