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Leg Pocket Foam Fillers
  • Leg Pocket Foam Fillers

    Our Leg Pocket Foam Fillers are perfect for filling the open space cavities around the hydraulic legs of longwall roof supports. This area continuously gets clogged with coal or debris, hampering operations, and have to be unplugged manually, creating unnecessary downtime. Our Leg Pocket Foam Fillers help protect your hydraulic leg cylinders from undue stresses caused from the build up of material in the leg pocket area.  


    Our foam fillers are custom designed to lock into any shield design acting as “stoppers” to prevent build up in the three principal areas around the legs.


    Our product is unique with its ability to shed coal and includes an integrate step. The foam used in the manufacture is fire retardant. Our foam fillers compress when the shield is lowered and rebounds to fill cavity when shield is raised.


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