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Re-engineered, the best form of recycling..

One of the most rewarding things when it comes to working at TEAM, is when a client comes to us with a "do you think we could do this ....." question. Our engineers love it, our fabricators love it and our delivery teams love it. It is these little opportunities for us to put the creative hat on, prove that it can be engineered and built and it will work the way our client envisages it.

Recently, we got the opportunity to do this with one of our long term clients to increase the capacity and serviceability of a hose reeler. Our client required a practical and professionally certified design and fabricated solution for handling long bundled “groups of “hydraulic hoses, approx. 300m in length. The object was to transport the solution to site and pump grout products underground.


The Challenge:

The bundled hose were traditionally transported on back of truck to mine site, manually laid across the yard and then feed into a bore hole 300m deep. The bundled hose supplied essential grout to seal and stabilise underground strata. The bundled hoses were later retrieved by the truck towing out the hoses 300m from the borehole.


Our Role

Our client had a several light duty surplus dewatering hose reelers which were made redundant few years ago. We were approached TEAM to re-engineer and certify the dewatering reelers into heavy duty 2T line pull hose reelers. We engaged our engineering, drafting and fabrication teams to:

  • Model the existing reeler

  • Design the modifications

  • Undertake the FEA to ensure that the design would hold up to the new application

  • Issue all the fabrication drawings

  • Source the materials and undertake the fabrication

  • Commission the reeler in our workshop

  • Arrange delivery to site.


The Result

Since the trial of the modified hose reeler, the client's field services have eliminated considerable manually handling issues, significantly reduced the service footprint at the top of the bore hole, reduced hose wear, significantly reduced the risk of manual handling incidents for their personnel and increased safety & efficiency on site.

Grout products are prefilled into the reeled hose before lowering saving priming time and any product in the line is drained back into surface tank upon retrievable of the hoses, thereby reducing waste.

The idea of transporting grout from surface bore holes, reduces underground transportation, cost, time, congestion underground and requirement of special underground equipment.

Our client's field services now have the flexibility to mount the reeler on truck or all terrain forklift. Hydraulic power supply for the reeler is supplied either from the carrier truck or the forklift PTO.


The Good News Story

TEAM worked with our client to: - Increase capacity - Decrease footprint - Improve worksite safety


Side note on the pictures in this post. The two of the pictures are from our photogrammetry scan. The other is a photo of the finished upgraded unit.

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