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Asset Recovery - When you cant avoid disruption

Every now and then in mining and bulk material operations equipment failure happens. These failures can be the result of lack of maintenance, operator error, natural disaster (flood, fire, etc) or poor machine design or fabrication. Whatever the cause, getting back to work safely is the key to remaining productive and profitable.

TEAM Group (Aust) offers a global presence to get your mining or bulk material handling operation back to business. We have the experience and mobility to assess, plan and execute your return to production strategy

Recovery Winches

We have been working with insurance companies, insurance assessors and end clients for the past 20 years get machines back to work.

Right now we have a team of recovery specialists working in South Africa to recover a dragline that requires a new boom to fitted due to an incident.

TEAM was engaged by the insurance adjusters to provide an estimation of the recovery effort and to provide technical support to the client's in-country fabricators to get the machine back to work.

TEAM have deployed project managers, International Welding Inspectors and a crew of specialist fabricators and welders to get the boom manufacture underway and train the local workforce in the correct welding and fabrication procedures.

We are extremely proud that our specialists have reigned in the project with it currently progressing 5-6 months ahead of schedule, saving the client millions of dollars in lost production.

Some of the other recoveries that we have been involved with over the past 15 years include:

  • Stacker/Reclaimers:

  • Indonesia (1)

  • Stock Pile Interaction

  • Container Cranes:

  • Australia (2)

  • Ship Interaction

  • Indonesia (1)

  • Ship Interaction

  • Malaysia (2)

  • Ship Interaction

Bench Failure

  • Draglines

  • Australia (2)

  • Bench Failures

  • South Africa (2)

  • Fire

  • Machine Failure

  • Crushers and Overland Conveyors

  • Australia

  • Uncontrolled Ramp Movement

  • Ship loaders

  • Australia (2)

  • Ship Interaction

  • Rail Limit failure

If you need assistance regarding asset recovery, feel free to give us a call at TEAM.

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