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Another Rebuild Completed

Here at TEAM we pride ourselves on delivering high quality service to our customers. Yesterday we dispatched the latest in the series of our truck tray rebuilds for HSE.

TEAM has been working with HSE to increase the service life of their truck tray fleet to maximise their capital utilisation.

On this overhaul, we were required to undertake chassis repairs, fit a new wear package, replace a damaged side wall and undertake

general crack repairs to give this tray a new life, doing what it does best.

This tray represented two significant challenges for TEAM and HSE.

The first issue was availability of parts. Being an older tray, the client was unable to obtain the drawings required to restore this tray to OEM specification. With TEAM's in-house engineering and drafting capabilities, we were able to offer the client like for like parts to fit the tray without costly delays for the client. Using local steel suppliers, from receiving the tray to parts supply was 7 days allowing for just in time delivery as the worn components were removed the new components could be refitted in their place.

The second of the challenges of this overhaul was the chassis repairs. Early on in the overhaul process we identified that it was too high risk to attempt the chassis repairs overhead and instead we opted to roll the tray. TEAM's overhead cranes enables us to lift loads up to 70t and with sufficient head height we were easily able to roll the floor after removing the front wall.

With the tray rolled we were able to complete all the repairs in the down-hand position which increased our productivity and delivered greater value to the client. This rolling exercise saved the project time and allowed us to produce a better product.

If you have truck trays that you are looking to have refurbished, feel free to contact us at TEAM and get a competitive quote.

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