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Rotary Breaker Barrels

TEAM Group (Aust) undertook the drafting, RPEQ certification and fabrication for 2 rotary breaker barrels. 


Our work covered the:

  • procurement of specialty castings and components, including the ordering of pre-processed materials and usage of CNC machines to ensure accuracy and reduce the time spent on repetitious tasks such as marking out and manually cutting and drilling

  • utilisation of the latest fabrication techniques, including Lean Manufacturing Principles to ensure any wastage was kept to an absolute minimum

  • usage of semi-automated welding processes to reduce the time spent welding sections and minimising any distortion, ensuring components were fabricated to specification

  • usage of specialist surface treatment companies to ensure the surface treatment meet or exceeded the specifications

  • fully quality documentation.

Breaker Barrels - Finished
Breaker Barrels
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