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TEAM Group (Aust) completed the Reclaimer 1 return to service upgrades at Port Waratah Coal Services.

Our work involved:

  • Bucketwheel, Bucketwheel Shaft and Drive Unit Replacement

  • Complete Bucketwheel chute assembly

  • Boom Conveyor Upgrade Drive Belts and Idles

  • Centre Feed Chute and Feeder Replacement

  • Luff Cylinder Replacement complete with Hydraulic upgrade

  • Rocker Arm (Mast) Refurbishment/Replacement. Clevis’s and Pins

  • Slew drives and Pinion replacement

  • Segmented  Bull Gear   Replacement and Epoxy Grouting

  • Segmented Slew Bearing Change out and Epoxy Grouting


This project was delivered on time and met and exceeded the client expectations.

Port Waratah
Port Waratah - RE1 - upclose - 2
Port Waratah - RE1 - upclose
Port Waratah - RE1 - inside - 2
Port Waratah - RE1 - inside
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