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Kestrel North Mine Deconstruction

TEAM worked on the isolation, decommissioning and rehabilitation of various areas of Rio Tinto's Kestrel North mine.

Our work covered the:

  • removal of hazardous substances, chemicals in the appropriate manner

  • deconstruction and removal of the drift conveyor gantry and 1000 tonne bin 

  • deconstruction and removal of the dolly car winder shed, including drift

  • deconstruction and removal of man and materials infrastructure, including vents

  • rehabilitation of the area - flattening and seeding

  • disposal of redundant materials

This work involved:

  • working at heights

  • major lifts - 30+ tonne gantry section

  • dig/disturbance

  • hot works

We were able to successfully complete the project within Kestrel's safety targets and meet the expectations of the client.

Kestrel Drift Conveyor and 1000T Bin
30T Gantry Removal at Kestrel
Kestrel Dolly Car Station and Yard
Deconstrution of Dolly Car Station
Kestrel Panorama - Finished Site
Kestral Decommissioning Finished Site
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