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Grosvenor Mine - Stackers and Reclaimers

Anglo American

TEAM Group (Aust) completed the erection of two stackers and two reclaimers at Anglo American’s new Grosvenor Mine near Moranbah.  The works were completed between September 2014 and April 2016. The project involved a total number of man hours in excess of 300,000 with no Lost Time Injuries for any of our employees or subcontractors. The project involved over 670 critical lifts.


The four machines were manufactured in China and shipped to Mackay by sea.


TEAM's scope of works began at the Port of Mackay with the receiving of the components from under ships hook, organising storage and transporting the components to site in the required sequence for construction.


Through strong project management, TEAM planned and executed the transportation of the RE041 Main Girder 1 from Mackay Harbour to Grosvenor Mine safely, with reduced costs and minimal disruptions to the public.


Initially the project experienced some delays due to manufacturing and design issues of Chinese made machines that needed rectification on site. TEAM was able to recover the schedule through active project management and adoption of innovative management approaches.  This included:

  • adoption of an integrated delivery team consisting of the client, the client contractor and TEAM with integrated planning sessions involving all parties

  • adoption of Agile Project Management and Lean Construction principles with a focus on pull planning methods with everyone responsible for planning and accountable for outcomes.


This combination of processes and procedures produced an outstanding result able to be adapted and adopted to other projects regardless of size, scope or duration.



Our work involved:

  • receiving of the components from under ships hook and organising storage

  • planning and designing of the logistics required to transport the components to Grosvenor site in the required sequence for construction - due to the size of the load innovative approaches were required to transport all of the parts. During the transportation portion of the project, TEAM ensured that all activities where the potential to impact on the community or the environment were minimised through the combined efforts of the project management team and the project engineers.

  • the unloading, transporting, reloading and unloading of heavy components and “Oversize Loads” - the total weight of the four machines was 3130 Tonnes (Bridge Reclaimer -950T, Portal Reclaimer –980T, 2 x Luffing and Slewing Stackers –600T each)

  • rectification of the engineering and design issues from the imported machine onsite

  • over 670 major crane lifts, each one posing a challenge to the safety of personnel and the equipment which was involved. Working with our client we develop a lifting procedure where a Crane Lift Study was completed for each lift. Meetings were conducted with all the stakeholders involved - from the client down to the operators so that everyone involved had ownership of the outcome and everyone was thinking safety

  • project managing for the construction of the machines.


This project was delivered on time and met and exceeded the client expectations.

Key Awards

Grosvenor - Progress of construction
Grosvenor - Execution Photos 2
Grosvenor - Site
Grosvenor - Execution Photos
team group 1
Crane Studies
Girder transport concept - Grosvenor
Panorama Truck Loaded for Grosvenor
RE041 - Rolling and loading onto transport - 6
RE041 - Rolling and loading onto transport - 5
RE041 - Rolling and loading onto transport - 4
RE041 - Rolling and loading onto transport - 3
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