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DBCT - Deconstruction SR1

TEAM Group (Aust) undertook the Dismantling and Removal of Stacker Reclaimer SR1 from Bund 2 at Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal, 40km south of Mackay. 

Our work included:

  • development of methodology, plans and approach of the dismantling of the machine

  • detailed risk assessments

  • storage of equipment

  • removal of hydrocarbons on board SR1 prior to removal from site

  • disconnection of the control railing cable from centre-point and winding back onto a cable reeler

  • disconnection of the trailing hose from centre-point and winding back onto a reeeler

  • removal of SR1 from the bund, the southern buffers and bogie storm restraint system, the storm cradle

  • removal of all components and material from site

  • the supply and erection of a temporary conveyor and personnel protection over the conveyor

DBCT SR1 - Removal - Cranes
DBCT SR1 - Removal
DBCT SR1 - Removal - Full Size
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