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Clermont Mine - MSR Recovery

TEAM recovered a 1700t Crawler Crusher from a 10% Slope. We were approached by Rio Tinto Clermont to conduct an emergency recovery of the MSR and to have it operational as quickly as possible and minimise expensive downtime. A recovery operation like this had never been conducted on an MSR and we were required to design a novel retrieval technique that would not only be fast and efficient, but also ensure that no further damage would occur.


This project covered:

  • designing a solution to successfully haul the1700t Crawler Crusher from the ditch and up the 10 degree slope

  • development of modified winches to allow one operator to simultaneously operate both winches and control the manoeuvring of the MSR

  • designing and construction of a new anchoring system for application on the sloping sedimentary ground that would provide a stable footing to hold the ground anchors and winches, once the weight had been transferred from the MSR

  • determining the geometric angles and positions for the anchor points to achieve the smoothest haul path up while also being able to assist in descending the MSR down the slope to the target location

  • development of the plan and design for the recovery operation be executed with minimal amount of personnel in the recovery area to ensure the high safety measures in the event any equipment failure

  • undertaking the recovery operation

We were able to successfully recover the MSR and meet the highest safety standards.

Clermont MSR Recovery Composite (s)
Clermont MSR Recovery Start
Clermont MSR Recovery Winches and Anchors
Clermont MSR Recovery Sheave Block
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