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Cable Arch

In open-cut coal mining operations, power shovels are often used for mineral extraction, which require significant power that is typically sourced electrically. This power comes from heavy-duty electrical cables directed to the shovel. As the shovel moves around the extraction site, so do the roadways for the haul vehicles that transport the minerals. This creates an issue where the cable and roadways cross, resulting in a need for the cable to be routed safely across the roadway. Cable arches are structures used to lift electrical cabling and sometimes hoses off the ground so that vehicles can travel underneath without damaging the cables. Conventional cable arches are difficult to move on site, as they need to be dismantled into smaller pieces before they can be loaded onto trucks and moved to the next location to be reassembled. The disassembly and reassembly process is time consuming and demands a number of expensive equipment and labour resources, especially when frequent relocation of cables is required. 


To overcome the above operational issues, TEAM Group (Aust) sought to design and develop a revolutionary and innovative cable arch that, once erected, can easily be relocated without the need for disassembly and transportation via trucks. The solution needed to be effective, durable and serve all the requirements of the conventional cable arches but with the ability to be transported with minimal labour and equipment resources.

For the design to be success we needed to develop a cable arch that:

  • could be relocated with minimal preparation or dismantlement

  • is structurally withstand the extensive towing forces present during the relocation of the structure

  • had the minimum amount of structural members and supports to minimise weight whilst ensuring it remaind  a stable structure that could be transported over rough terrain with gradients of up to 10 degrees and overcome resonant frequencies between the structure and the towing vehicle

  • incorporated small segments to allow for easier and cheaper transportation to the site. 

Our project covered:

  • working with key stakeholders and field operators on ideas

  • research and design for the cable arch, including full risk assessments

  • fabrication of the cable arch

  • installation at site

  • manual for usage

  • Winner - Engineers Australia Excellence Award - Industrial Development & Manufacturing Excellence Award

  • Winner - QLD Mining Contractor Awards - Project Innovation

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